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Self made musician, Renaud learned guitar, singing, and composition from various teachers. Versatile and with a great curiosity for all musical genres, he has a particular interest in heavier and more intense music!

Over the past few years, he has set foot on stages across the country more than a hundred times, opening for international artists such as Blaze Bailey, Tim Ripper Owens, and Primal Fear.


In addition to his immense pleasure in performing on stage, Renaud has participated in the composition and production of several albums with his groups Thrash the Queen and Trainwreck Architect, which have made a name for themselves on the international underground scene.


Renaud has an interest in audio production, having participated in the mixing and editing of soundtracks for several video games. He has also mixed and mastered albums for some local bands (Fried Pope and Domino Effect). In his spare time, Renaud enjoys role-playing and fantasy literature. His passion for the soundtracks of epic films (Lord of the Rings, Conan the Barbarian, etc.) has led him into the world of choral singing. In 2018, he joined a vocal ensemble (Les fous de la gamme) as a baritone.

Nicolas Des Alliers
Nicolas Des Alliers_photo.jpg


guitarist and musical arranger

Nicolas Des Alliers is a composer and sound artist working mainly in the fields of contemporary dance, and video games. He holds a master's degree in musical composition from the Université de Montréal, under the direction of Ana Sokolović. At the same institution, he completed a bachelor's degree in writing in 2010, followed by a bachelor's degree in guitar performance in 2015. In 2016, he received a commission from the OSM, for which he composed the piece Transmigrations, that premiered during a concert-conference at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in March 2017.


In June 2017, his music was performed in the show Raconte-moi Montréal, created by the FACE school, as part of the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal. His debut in the contemporary dance field dates back to 2011, when he worked with the Dans son Salon collective, of which he is now composer-in-residence. He also collaborates regularly with choreographer Delphine Véronneau, with whom he composed and performed the music for the show La Playlist in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, he was invited by Delphine to participate in a creative residency in Ireland, during which the Bloom project was born.


Nicolas Des Alliers also has an immense interest in film music, having composed during his master’s degree some of the accompanying music for the Forum en clips capsules, produced by the Université de Montréal. In 2016, a partnership with Concordia University allowed him to write the music for Michael Horowitz's animated short film Genesis.

cassandre emmanuel

Cassandre Émanuel is a passionate multidisciplinary artist. Actress, playwright, director, assistant director, and costume designer, she likes to try everything and doesn't deprive herself of anything. Since graduating from the l'École de théâtre in 2012, she has taken part in several projects, including the feature film Que ta joie demeure by Denis Côté, the District 31 series, and the musical web series Trak on On stage, she played the title role in Ondinok's play Métusse, and on the theatre production side, she founded the theatre company Les Viscères. She wrote, produced, and directed the play Et les amoureux auront des cataractes and Monsieur Victor. She also won the award for best francophone production at the 2012 FRANKIE Awards.


Behind the camera, she is an assistant to many directors, including Alec Pronovost (Web-Series Le Killing) and Daniel Daigle (feature film Cimes). Also as an assistant director, she collaborates on the television show Le Rousseau Show. As a director, she is involved in several experimental projects, including the docu-fiction Les jumeaux dizygotes, which continues to tour in festivals. Cassandre has also worked in the field of music videos, directing Simon Kingsbury's Dans le Corridor, Elixir de Gumbo’s Gang de rang and Longtemps by Mauves, all of which have won awards around the world. She is currently working on post-production of the short film En attendant l'Hivernation.

simon fournier
Simon Fournier_photo.jpg

Simon Fournier graduated in dramatic arts from UQAM in 2011. He shares his life between theatre, dance, and circus. As soon as he left school, he was hired by Dave St-Pierre's company to create the final show of the trilogy Foudre. He then danced for that same choreographer for several years, dividing his work between Europe and Quebec. As a performer, he appeared in Les Amoureux auront des cataractes by Cassandre Émanuel, he is a circus artist in Babel by Antony Venice and in Ruel by Jeff Hall, and he danced for many choreographers including Heather Lynn MacDonald, Sophie Gee, Catherine Lafleur, and Delphine Veronneau. He also participated in the creation of Détruire nous allons and Philippe Boutin's Vin Herbé and played in André Perrier's Les mots secrets. In 2012, he founded, with Sandy Bessette, La Marche du Crabe; a show company for young audiences. It was with this company that he took over the role of the brother in Remous Remis, played the boy in De doigts et de pied, and co-created Le Mobile. With his partner, he creates mediation projects with Une école montréalaise pour tous as well as with Le temps d'une pause répit et soutien aux aînés. Simon loves science and in-situ theatre and is now working on writing a play that aims to combine the two. When he is not acting or writing, he is the father of a 3 year old daughter who helps to remind him that we are all children at heart.

philippe Meunier
Philippe Meunier_Photo.jpg

Since 2002, Philippe Meunier has been active in the world of contemporary jigging, first as a performer for several collaborators and dance companies, then as a choreographer.


Since 2016, he has collaborated with Ian Yaworski on the productions Accolades et quiproquos, Monte-Charles, Frictions, JoBlo, and Un show technique.


Combined with his passion for dance, director/editor/cameraman Philippe Meunier offers an innovative and creative look at movement by producing promotional videos and videos presented at various events. He has been collaborating for more than 15 years.


Vitor Munhoz is a commercial photographer based out of Montréal with over 10 years experience in capturing live music and dance performance, as well as creative portraiture and product. His work has been widely published across Canada and the US. Born and raised in Brazil, Vitor has since learned to embrace the cold and adopt hockey as his favorite sport on account of being the Montréal Canadiens’ photographer.



After more than twenty years in the field of video and television, Véronique is now in charge of

communications, graphic design, and web for the performance agency Résonances. She is

currently studying at Collège Ahuntsic in graphic design and is still in learning, training, and

curiosity mode. Her keen interest in art and culture as well as her extensive experience in the

field of traditional Quebec music and dance have always made her want to get involved in the

community. As a result, she takes great pleasure in contributing to it with her new skills and her

keen interest in images.


olivier rousseau

Olivier Rousseau graduated from the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe's Theatre School in 2011 and

in the spring of 2018, completed his professional training at the Université du Québec à

Montréal where he obtained a bachelor's degree in contemporary dance. He is fortunate to have

been directed by Mélanie Demers, Danièle Desnoyers, and Alice Blanchet-Gavouyère during

public performances presented by the Dance Department at UQAM.

Since graduating, Olivier has danced under the direction of Estelle Clareton, Martin Messier,

Audrey Rochette, Menka Nagrani, Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworski, Maya Orchin, Delphine

Veronneau, Catherine Lafleur, Lucie Vignault, Alex Trahan, and many others.

Having a background that combines theatre and dance, he offers a different approach to

movement and he embodies dance in a sensitive way.

liane theriault
Liane Theriault_photo.jpg

A native of Sept-Îles, Liane Thériault embodies several roles as a contemporary dance artist.

With a Bachelor's degree in Film Studies from the Université de Montréal (2008) and a

Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance Performance from UQAM (2012), she has been

fascinated by movement and the performing arts since she was a child. As a performer, she has

collaborated with Les Soeurs Schmutt, Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, Julie Lebel, Delphine

Véronneau (Tuque et Capuche [TeC]), Liliane Moussa, Helen Simard, and Claudia Chan Tak

among others. Her choreographic work has been presented in Montreal since 2015, in solo

Personne (une), Somebody and as part of Mine de rien: un collectif. Since 2013, she has been

a member of the company Dans son salon, first as a video artist, then as rehearsal director and

performer. In video, she also collaborates with La 2e porte à gauche, Helen Simard, Karenne

Gravel, and Tuque et Capuche [TeC].

lucie vignault

For more than 15 years, Lucie has been working on various artistic projects as a performer,

teacher, rehearsal director, and choreographer. As a freelance contemporary dance artist, she

has danced in many creative works by Montreal choreographers. In 2015, her work was

awarded the prestigious award: ‘Prix interprète’ at the Prix de la danse de Montréal’.

As a choreographer, she has collaborated in several productions of Oriol Tomas at the Opera.

In 2013, during the re-creation of La Damnation de Faust by Robert Lepage (Ex Machina), she

held the role of assistant choreographer. She joined the team of the Festival Montréal

Complètement Cirque in 2014, where she assisted Anthony Venisse in the creation of

large-scale outdoor artistic events.

Lili Giroux
ÉG photo officielle 2023.jpg

The diversity of musical and artistic paths and avenues followed by cellist Élisabeth Giroux for more than 15 years outlines the contours of an outstanding artistic personality in the Quebec musical landscape. Born in 1982 in Granby, Quebec, Élisabeth began playing the cello at the age of 13 and pursued her musical studies at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal where she obtained a Prize with Great Distinction. She then built a solid career in the world of chamber and symphonic music with various ensembles including Angèle Dubeau and the Pieta and the Triosphere Ensemble. She quickly became associated with the world of dance and participated in several years of world tours with La La La Human Steps. She also collaborated with Sacré Tympan and PPS Danse for the creation of the show Attractions and more recently with the company Tuque et Capuche as composer and performer for the short film Morgane, which won the California Music Video & Film Awards.

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