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La Playlist



2020 - Tourne-disque

Tourne-disque is a performance workshop for isolated seniors in residential housing. Presented

as a participatory workshop, seniors are invited to enter into dance and attend circus

performances accompanied by piano in an intergenerational and interdisciplinary encounter.

nothing i can do


Sandy Bessette, Julie Choquette, Delphine Véronneau


2014 - Nothing I Can Do

A short, cheerful, and lively piece. It was created for the Festiblues International de Montréal.

Cheeky and rhythmic, a piece to be enjoyed in all its revelry.


Édith Doucet, Simon Fournier, Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, Nadège St-Arnaud, Liane Thériault

Capture d'écran 2020-04-22 14.07.29.png

2013 - Walking

A dancing and singing piece, this choreography fascinates us with its strangeness. The a cappella singing is insistent, like a mantra, and the dancers play with their relationship to the audience by scribbling on the fourth wall.


Marilyn Daoust, Édith Doucet, Dominique Gagné-Supper, Karine Laplante, Anne Lassonde


2013 - Flash ta ville (Flash your city)

Photographic concept; to give urban places a second look by inserting dancers into them.


Marilyn Daoust, Édith Doucet, Dominique Gagné-Supper, Karine Laplante, Yaëlle Azoulay

TetC Festiblues 2013 15.jpg

2013 - Distance

This piece was built around the theme of attraction. Physical and emotional attraction. That thing that exists between two beings, sometimes almost palpable. And then the morals and customs that dictate behaviour; resist or give in to this attraction...

Performers: Marie-Pier Bazinet, Marilyn Daoust, Édith Doucet, Dominique Gagné-Supper, Karine Laplante, Liane Thériault.

le Hug.jpg

2013 - Le Hug

Rhythmic duet exploiting the notion of the hug.

Hug: hold tightly around or against a part of one's body.

Hug: clinch, squeeze, embrace. In fact, none of these definitions perfectly sum up what a hug is. It's a matter of language. The English language defines words by action: the language of business. The French language is more emotional.

Performers: Olivier Arseneault, Liane Thériault

Capture d'écran 2020-04-09 11.50.40.png

2013 - If you really want more

Somewhere between pop and contemporary, this choreography was created for a performance

commission at the cabaret Chez Mado. Big dirty beats and pretty dancers, an amalgam that brings a smile to all!

Performers: Marilyn Daoust, Édith Doucet, Dominique Gagné-Supper, Karine Laplante.

TeC au Fringe.anneflore-27.JPG

2011 - Tuque et Capuche (éponyme)

It is said that actors "play" on stage, so why shouldn't dancers be able to play too? This question is what guides Tuque et Capuche in articulating its play with the elements that make up a show. Like a juggling act between the audience, theatricality, and emotions, Tuque et Capuche begins the play with humour and offers us a dose of energy and invigorating vitality. Little by little, Delphine Véronneau allows us to discover the authenticity and vulnerability of the performers on stage. The spectator then sees the dancers in a new light: their invincible character gives way to a fragility that reminds us of our own life experiences .

Performers: Marilyn Daoust, Édith Doucet, Dominique Gagné-Supper, Karine Laplante.

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